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About Me

What do I love? Finding easy, cool solutions for getting dressed everyday. Mamas are busy, but it doesn't mean we can't express ourselves in a rad way through our clothing. Having your clothes reflect your sense of 'you' gives you confidence and pep and let's face it, we all need some pep (coffee also helps). 

I'm a picky mama with a graphic design background and have a strong filter that everything I like goes through before I put it on. Nobody has time for boring clothing. 

Looks I love: graphic prints and tees, black jeans, boots, sneakers, pops of leopard print, anything denim, jumpsuits, more sneakers, jackets galore and anything sporty-meets-mod-rocker vibe. You won't find a lot of ruffles, peplums, or florals around here. You will find stripes, denim, black and gray, and pops of pattern. 

I arrived at this venture by feeling frustrated with what I was wearing after I had my daughter. I found some inspiration online and started putting fun outfits together again, like overalls styled with a blazer and cool jewelry and tunic tops and high rise jeans perfect for post-partum. I connected with Shana of TheMomEdit through Instagram and shared some reader photos. When they were looking for a new contributor back in 2015 I jumped at the chance! I've been trying on loads of jeans ever since. I love my job. I love designing outfits and finding good finds and sharing them. I love hearing what works for you, so please shoot me a message and share! xoxo

Photo by the lovely Posy Quarterman

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