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It goes:"stop complaining on the internet...stop complaining on the's really lame to do it, you never will get through it....stop complaining on the internet!!! And go to therapppyyyyy insteaddddddd" The end.

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I so so love a good jeans styling post, my friends. And it's even better when those jeans are sustainable, a great wash AND a fabulous fit, like these AGOLDE Riley Straight Crop jeans I love!

I first tried these straight leg jeans on in my recent AGOLDE try-on post. The Riley ripped super high waist crop wound up being my favorite style that I didn’t already have in my closet, and perfect for spring, so I thought I’d style them up for y’all!

With A Utility Jacket & White High-Tops

The number of times I grab this a utility jacket for styling...let's just say it's a bunch! (Mine's older Anine Bing, but I've linked to similar options below.) And if you're also a fan of collecting artsy graphic tees, check out @_ilysmih_ on Instagram. I just got a tee from them that says I LOVE TILDA SWINTON. In. Love. This one reads "Remember When You Wanted What You Currently Have" #yes

jeans** (28) | jacket (similar, & plus size option) | tee | sneakers

Find the full post and the rest of the ways I styled these up at TheMomEdit!

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I think this may have been the most fun I had writing an article in my whole career as a blogger. Anyone else so completely in love with the Rose Family and completely blown away by Schitt's Creek? Yes, I know there are many of us out there!

Here's a fun round up of perfect gifts and stocking stuffers for the Schitt's Creek lover in your life.

Gifts For the Schitt's Creek Fan

There are so many gems out there. These are a few of my favorites!

01 | Moira Vocabulary Calendar: For those on your list positively bedeviled with meetings, et cetera, here’s a place to write them all down AND revisit Moira’s cornucopia of fabulousness at the same time.

02 | You Just Fold It In sweatshirt: Only the most hilarious scene in the whole series. Commemorate it with a sweatshirt, you know, like you do.

03 | Handmade Felt Moira Ornaments: There’s a spoiler alert in here, but I won’t point it out if you haven’t watched. But it’s FAB and you’ll know when you get to that part. These. Ornaments. Must-have for any fan.

04 | Rosebud Motel Keychain: Guaranteed to make the theme song pop into your head every time you grab your keys.

05 | Ew, David sweatshirt: Be a little bit Alexis in this cozy top. (Ooh and Scotti found this one in black at Bloomie’s, too!)

You can find the rest of the picks and the full article on!



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