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Cupshe Swim Review: 3 One-Pieces Under $35

Is it swimsuit season? As I write this, it’s still 60 degrees here in Portland. We call it June-uary, haha. And this happens every year –we get some nice, hot days in May and then blammo: cool and rainy again for most of June.

But most of the country, I do believe, is fully in swimsuit season now, so I slathered on my lotion with these self-tanner drops and braved the try-on sesh for ya. After love-loving that Cupshe suit I got last year (the one that got a boatload of good reviews online), I knew I had to try a few more styles I saw pop up recently. So here we go, shall we?

‘Sexy’ is what they call this suit on Amazon, and while usually that makes me steer clear of something, I see what they’re talking about. Look at that mesh. I generally tend toward more sporty than sexy, but this one is good! I didn’t feel over-exposed in it — just sexy enough. That seems like a lame term now that I type it out. But I think you know what I mean.

I like the cut of this one a lot. It’s a bit retro and very flattering. The straps were almost too long for me though, and due to their cut, they aren’t adjustable. This is great for anyone a little taller than my 5 feet & 4 inches. The fit is true to size (wearing a small), and I’d say it’s pretty average in bust support and torso length. The back is a little cheeky, but not too much. The trend has really been leaning cheeky the last few years, and while I wasn’t on board at first…body-positive, y’all! Just do it.

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