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How I Wear My High Tops Everyday

Hey, fellow sneaker fans. You’ve seen a few pics of my latest high-tops obsession, but I’m here to offer more ideas on styling. I wear these puppies almost every day, literally. I have them on right now. But I hear you that sometimes high tops are harder to style.

I think what I find best for my shorter frame/leg length is finding more of a mid-top sneaker instead of a true high-top. And that’s where it gets a little tricky. The ones I have and love are PERFECT, and they show some ankle. It looks like Converse has a mid-top now, too, yay! Has anyone tried it? Ooh, and Adidas with this one. SO good. (And from a sustainable company.)

My Favorite Look Right Now

coat (s) // sweatshirt (s) // jeans (27) // sneakers

The question here is what do I NOT wear high-tops with, really?! They work with just about everything. Any ankle-length or cropped jeans or pants are a perfect combo with these comfy shoes. You kinda can’t go wrong as long as the pants hit above the high-top. That’s the key. Let’s check out some options. See the rest of the post on!

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