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My Favorite Pants For Summer & Beyond: Athleta Brooklyn Jogger Styled 7 Ways

I have loved Athleta joggers for years now. I’ve been sharing about my favorite pair for a while now, and my go-to way to wear them in summer is with a graphic tank. This year, Athleta stopped making that exact pair, so it encouraged me to try some other options from the brand. They just kill it at lightweight, easy-to-wear pants that can work for a variety of occasions.

Athleta Brooklyn Joggers: 7 Easy Ways To Style For Summer

Weeks ago I discovered the gorgeous Brooklyn Joggers** and though they were backordered at the time they are so worth the wait! I got them in and knew they'd be my new favorites. I thought I'd style them a few ways to show their versatility. So here goes!

(Note: Sustainable items in the post are marked with a **)

1. Athleta Joggers + A Knotted Graphic Tee & Platform Sandals

I love a good knotted tee in the summer. I wear it this way with all of my high-waisted pants, shorts & skirts. As someone who has a shorter torso and not a well-defined waist, this is a really flattering look. I’m not OK with true crop tops and showing my midsection, but when the waistline is high-rise, and just a bit of skin shows when I move, I’m totally down. These platform sandals are the ones Emily and I have been raving about lately. I’ve had this cushiony snake print pair for years and they’re flattering and oh so comfy. Quite a few shades are left in stock on Amazon, and a few pairs of black and tan are on major sale at Nordstrom ($27!)

For the full post and the additional stylings, visit!

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