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Styling Hiking Boots For Everyday

This fall, I wanted to finally invest in a great pair of hiking boots, but that’s the thing with investing in something to wear…I need things that are not one-trick-ponies…and hiking boots can sure seem like they are just that. Important for hiking, yes, but it’d be nice to wear them more often, too.

Here in the Pacific Northwest one can actually get away with wearing hiking gear almost everywhere, but that’s a been-there-done-that look and I definitely don’t always want to look like I’m headed to the trail. Let’s just say it’s done a lot here. And you know me, I always want something more interesting than the norm — and something different. So, I decided to style up my new fabulous Danner boots into some everyday looks that are comfy and casual and cool and very me. I’ve been seeing hiking boots everywhere and styled even with dresses, so I had to give it a whirl! Check out the full post on !

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