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Two Outfits I'm Loving From Everlane

Updated: Apr 30, 2019

By now, you’re probably pretty aware of our love for Everlane…both as a company and as an outfitter. So, when they recently reached out asking us to try a few things for spring, I was so stoked! They strive for transparent business practices and craft seriously well-made basics, plus feature some recycled items in their line-up. They’re about to launch a zero-impact sneaker, too! Fab. Shana, Julieta and I have all discovered a love of their skinny jeans, and I’ve had a raincoat of theirs for a year now that is by far my favorite raincoat (that’s saying a lot for a PNW gal).

In true form, I focused on color when I chose the pieces to try, and I came up with a couple of fun, everyday looks you can easily work into your spring and summer wardrobe. Some of these pieces would be great for a causal office, too. Friends, look at me not wearing jeans and smiling about it?! You know they must be good. See the full post on!

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